Entrees On Deck

Fish N Chips$25

Beer battered fresh cod served with seasoned fries

*Pepper Seared Tuna$30

Pepper seared tuna served with sautéed power greens, steamed vegetables, topped with seaweed salad and a side of wasabi & ginger

Mango Glazed Steak Teriyaki$28

10oz. NY Strip glazed with our house made mango salsa, over steamed vegetables and white rice

*Pablo’s Surf & Turf………$31

Chimichurri marinated shrimp paired with chimichurri marinated skirt steak, served with roasted red potoates and steamed vegetables

*Pan Seared Salmon$29

Teriyaki glazed salmon served over couscous with a side of vegetables, topped with sesame seeds

Chicken Finger Basket$17

Juicy chicken fingers with fries



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