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Perform at Dublin Deck

    We are so fortunate to have so many talented live music bands on long Island. Please leave all contact info. and a youtube clip of your band live. We have limited venues and time slots to book every band, we try our best to pick the best fit for our venues. We are very excited to be announcing, this year 2021, battle of the bands at our venues. This will give local bands the opportunity to showcase their bands and get into our booking rotation. If you are interested in the "battle of the bands" please check box. The rules and info. for "battle of the bands" will be foward to bands that are interested. Thank you, even if your not interested please leave all info. for your band. Thank you.

    Days of the Week Band is Available

    Would You Like to Participate in the Battle of the Bands? (this is a non-paid gig)

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